Reimagine Your Data with Innovative Services by Linear Blue

Linear Blue Services work with clients to identify specific needs to propel your business forward.

Custom App Development

Linear Blue’s highly customizable and scalable approach to app development provides innovative solutions to managing critical business data.  Ensure that your data is centralized, accessible and secure with best in class systems for operational excellence.
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iOS Custom Apps

Linear Blue custom app solutions optimize business productivity- providing secure, data driven efficiency to improve workflow.  Custom apps can integrate with and improve your existing business processes.
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Web Applications

Set your business apart from the crowd with a Linear Blue custom web application. Linear Blue website development process will connect with your target audience and grow your business.
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FileMaker Consultancy

Linear Blue consultants provide the expertise to build, modify and manage a FileMaker solution for your organization. Our team of certified developers will work with you to identify your needs to develop and deploy an effective system to meet your business goals.
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FileMaker for IT

Linear Blue provides ongoing support for a variety of custom solutions. In addition, our team effectively works with your technology staff to address existing system needs and oversee software solution implementation.
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Mobile Device Management

Linear Blue design Filemaker Go solutions that integrate with your Mobile Device Management environment to provides secure, integrated, remote functionality across all Apple devices. Learn how your business can grow productivity with remote access to critical data.
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