Innovation through World Class Products from Linear Blue

At Linear Blue we don’t just offer custom development, we also design  world-class products to protect your vital business data. 

SyncServer Pro

Linear Blue’s SyncServer Pro (SSP) is the foremost tool for FileMaker disaster recovery and multi-server synchronization. Backed by over 15 years experience building sophisticated data solutions, SSP has completely reimagined how synchronization solutions are setup, deployed and managed.


fmDataGuard ensures  data protection and audit logging for your FileMaker data. fmDataGuard provides a comprehensive set of services through a FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server plugin to provide audit logging for any FM environment, from Pro to Go and WebDirect.

Ditch My Car

Ditch My Car is an iOS Custom App, available on the Apple App Store, built entirely on the FileMaker platform. It’s a great way of tracking your alternate transport costs and comparing them to the cost of a car to see how much money you are saving. Built and deployed to the store in less than 4 weeks!