Project Description

In late 2014, Creative Marketing Concepts (“CMC”) began using a Linear Blue custom FileMaker solution written in FileMaker to unify data and manage sales activities across the business. To protect and ensure 24-7 remote access to data, Linear Blue implemented SyncServer Pro for multi-site independence and performance. Since implementation, CMC has increased its close rate, shortened their sales cycle and annual revenue has grown substantially.


CMC Improvements through Linear Blue Custom FileMaker SolutionEstablished in 1962, Creative Marketing Concepts is a San Francisco-based promotional marketing agency. In 2012, 19-year employee Zachary Tyler became CEO of CMC. The company offers branded merchandizing, giveaway and apparel for corporate America, elevating even the largest brands. The CMC staff count is 35 and has a presence in three locations, San Francisco, San Jose and Prague.


Tyler considered multiple CRMs to manage sales, “they just weren’t tailored to what I needed to do. The sales platforms I saw were made from a software engineers mentality, not salespeople.” He was seeking the perfect end-to-end solution. In mid 2014, Tyler looked at a custom FileMaker solution and Linear Blue as a Platinum Certified Partner. He was quickly impressed with Linear Blue’s insight into CMC’s business process and FileMaker’s flexibility and reporting capabilities. Linear Blue designed and built a secure, centralized and integrated custom solution to manage CMC’s two pipelines: Clients (sales) and Suppliers (purchasing).

CMC Custom FileMaker DashboardCENTRALIZED DATA

CMC had no single point of access to manage sales activities, project deliverables, leads, referrals and other key data. Various bits of information were scattered across multiple applications and notepads. Linear Blue’s solution allowed Tyler to unite and monitor business processes visually. Using what is referred to as the “CMC Dashboard”, he is able to measure the productivity of his sales team, prioritize tasks, and retain necessary documentation, notes and other important details.


CMC sought to automate processes and integrate with third party software. Linear Blue built these capabilities within CMC’s FileMaker solution. CMC’s sales order processing (“SOP”) is now automated. Requests for approval for large orders are sent to management staff, to review order details and permit order processing within minutes. Integration of FileMaker with invoicing and shipping systems, speeds up SOP and ensures that clients are billed and receive products in a timely manner.


Linear Blue’s SyncServer Pro synchronizes CMC’s three (3) servers and secures their vital business data. This allows for safe, fast and round the clock remote access to data. Information is shared in real-time between three locations, and key personnel are able to access the same information from anywhere at anytime. For added security features include Restore Database, which provides the ability reinstate data from an audit log to within seconds of a crash or data corruption – a feature they haven’t needed to implement yet due to the robust platform. Linear Blue’s approach provides CMC with a bulletproof plan for data security and ensures they are kept up and running.


With CMC’s data in different places and its sales statistics nearly nonexistent, it was difficult moving things through the pipeline and tracking efficiency. The Linear Blue solution included a sales pipeline which stored all opportunities in one place. Tyler also worked with Linear Blue to create a “suppliers” pipeline to help him stay up-to-date on purchasing and contracts. Linear Blue also designed and built advanced management reporting functionality, making it possible to run custom reports to measure sales progress and deliver automated timed reports through the week and month.

Moving forward CMC plans to continue to work with Linear Blue consultancy to enhance features and capabilities within the FileMaker system.

I have a lot of ambitious plans for FileMaker in the future and I look forward to realizing them with Linear Blue.

Zachary Tyler, CMC