Point of Sale (PoS)


Sample PoS Design

Enhance your customer engagement with a custom Point of Sale system designed by Linear Blue. Reliable Point of Sale solutions are customised to support the particular needs of your business. Our goal is to bring ease and transparency to the transaction process, to support the consumer experience.

A streamlined PoS process can provide benefits that extend beyond tracking and fulfilling sales functions. An integrated system can maximise your overall efficiency, allowing you to track your customers and report business critical data to keep your organisation running smoothly.

  • Manage transactions
  • Oversee the customer engagement cycle
  • Track and manage inventory
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Integrate with hardware
  • Target marketing

If selling products and services is the core of your business, your PoS solution should also be at the core.

Sample PoS Design

The Linear Blue PoS consultation and development process provides a comprehensive solution integrating all aspects of your business operations.

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