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Database Products

Ready-to-go Database Solutions

In addition to custom developed systems we have a few ready-built solutions for specific needs that we have developed in their entirety or that integrate with third party services and products.

SyncServer Pro

FileMaker Data Synchronisation SyncServer Pro offers enterprise level data synchronisation between FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server. Additional functionality includes, field-level change/audit logging; data roll-back and roll-forward restoration and data integration with various SQL data sources.

KeyPupil: for Hospitals

Management system for hospital schools In conjunction with the school at Great Ormond Street Hospital we developed KeyPupil as a management system for hospital schools. This helps hospital based schools keep track of pupils and their education for as much as an entire year or as little as one lesson.

Virtuoso Manager

Artist Management System Virtuoso Manager draws on the specialist software development experience in designing and developing custom data solutions built up by Linear Blue over the past 20 years and a wealth of industry experience from HarrisonParrott, a worldwide artist management company established over 40 years ago.