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Custom Database Development

Database DevelopmentWe specialise in building custom database solutions to fit your business needs. The user-facing part of the solution can be delivered either as a desktop application, a web browser based application or a mobile application, according to your needs. For all projects we evaluate the best methods and technologies to deliver the maximum productivity and efficiency benefits to your business.

Why custom?

Is your business considering creating their own solution, that does exactly what you need and thought it would be too difficult or time consuming? Finding that prebuilt apps can often be rigid in design, include functionality you’ll never use, but pay for and offer limited, if any integration with external data? Then a FileMaker custom solution could be right for you… FileMaker offers a flexible and cost effective platform for database development compared to off-the-shelf database packages. Why change your successful business processes to fit the way a prebuilt software dictates…Build a custom database solution to meet your company’s individual needs perfectly.

Who needs a custom database system?

Our clients represent a broad mix from medium-sized businesses to departments of corporates, retailers, charities and healthcare. The solutions we have developed for them fulfil and combine various functions, such as customer relationship management or digital asset management. Often our work involves connecting to internal and external systems of many kinds and controlling external devices. These solutions, customised to their specific needs, allow them to achieve something that wasn’t possible any other way, or to do more with less resources.

That’s where we come in

We start by conducting a workflow analysis of your business. From that we are able to produce a full technical specification which provides the basis of our project quote. Read more about our process or if you are interested in learning how we can help your business, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Moving up from off-the-shelf software

Often an organisation will have been working with an off-the-shelf database package that has become too limiting, lacking advanced capabilities that are required.

Upgrading an internally developed solution

Another common scenario we find is that a business will have been using a database that was developed internally and has grown beyond the abilities of its creator to further expand or support.