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About Linear Blue

Since 2000, Linear Blue has specialised in providing innovative and award winning custom web and database solutions to meet and exceed business goals. We are a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Member based in Berkshire, London, San Francisco and Hong Kong. We have built a reputation as a pre-eminent FileMaker development company, with a global presence that gives us the ability to meet all of our global customer requirements.


Delivering solutions

With over 600 projects completed successfully we have extensive experience designing and delivering solutions to improve work flow processes and business performance in a wide variety of industries, from the National Health Service, Rail Transport, Education, Telecommunications, and Sales / Stock Control. The solutions we have designed help to fulfil and combine various functions, such as customer relationship management, digital asset management, sales order processing and database/web synchronisation.

Truly cross-platform

We can deliver solutions either as a desktop (Mac or Windows, web or mobile application, according to your needs. The technology industry has been dominated heavily by the arrival of the tablet, with significant deployment in the private and public sector, helping businesses reach new levels of productivity and success. At Linear Blue we can help you to leverage this new technology and streamline your business.

Active in the FileMaker Community

We are active participants in the global FileMaker development community. Our team of developers blog regularly about FileMaker, MySQL and Javascript development on our “for developers” blog, Linear Chat. Paul de Hallé, our development director, presents regularly at the FileMaker Developer’s conference in the US and we are one of the founders of the UK FileMaker Developer event, PauseOnError, held in London. We also make our FileMaker Codings Standards available to other developers so they can follow a common development methodology.